Discover the difference at FNB!

A business owner in his store and a banker are viewing information on a tablet.Many of our customers who have switched to FNB tell us that their online banking experience here is superior to that of their previous bank. Our FirstNetTeller platform combines online and mobile resources to give you easy access anytime, anywhere. Upon log-in you will see a summary of your accounts, loans with the balances. From there you may:

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review your transactions including: debit card, electronic, deposits and checks
  • View or print images of paid checks (if the check's image is available) 
  • View and print previous month's bank statements
  • Make loan payments to FNB loans
  • Send a message to the bank via your FirstNetTeller account
The Online Banking features of FirstNetTeller  described above are absolutely FREE. 

Enroll online for Online Banking or come in to a FNB Office near you. 

Online Bill Pay 

Simplify your life with our Online Bill Pay service available through FirstNetTeller. Imagine! No checks to write, no envelopes to address, no postage stamps, and no trips to the mail box or post office.

Click link to see and hear video about bill pay system.Watch the 4 video tutorials that detail the easy steps to use Online Bill Pay. Once you've entered the information about your payees, then paying your monthly bills requires only a few clicks and keystrokes. You simply go online, select the payee, and enter the amount to pay. Your bill payments will be made from your designated checking account. 

Online Bill Pay service allows you to: 
  • Pay any person or business in the United States (Excluding government or court ordered payments)
  • Establish reoccurring weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments
  • Make one-time payments
  • Change or cancel your scheduled payments
  • You will have online access to an organized record of all your payments made

With absolutely no fees for your first 25 bill payments per month, Online Bill Pay simply saves you money. The fee is only 50 cents per bill paid if you exceed 25 online payments per month. That's less than the combined cost of checks, stamps and envelopes. 

Enroll online or in person at any FNB Office.

If you are already enrolled in Online Bill Pay simply log-in (via the Login button above) to take advantage of the service. 

Here’s what you can expect with the Online Bill Pay service:Image showing the FNB I Pay Bill Pay dashboard.

  • If you need to add a new payee, just select the “Add a Payee” button at the top of your dashboard.
  • For more information about adding payees and scheduling payments, go to the “Help” tab.
  • Your Online Bill Pay features a dashboard (see graphic) which allows you to view payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances at a glance.
Here is how easy it is to make a payment:

(Opens in a new Window) below and read on for further details.Your upgraded Online Bill Pay features a new dashboard (see image below) which allows you to view payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances at a glance. Here is how easy it is to make a payment.

  1. Login to your account using the Login button above.
  2. Click the "Bill Pay" link
  3. Find your payee
  4. Enter the payment amount and date
  5. Click "Submit"

Feel free to call us at 870-215-4000 or come in for more information. 

First Anywhere Banking 

The First Anywhere goes where you go: at home, on vacation, to the big game, wherever. First Anywhere is the mobile banking solution that lets you bank anytime, anywhere, right from your mobile device (iPhone or Android).  It is easy to use and there is no bank fee for this service. Check your balance, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, view transactions and more.  

First Anywhere App 
FNB FirstMobile app logo

The First Anywhere app is free!  The  app allows FirstNetTeller users to handle all of your accounts from the convenience of your mobile device.  The app has many convenient features including the option to log-in with either touch ID or a passcode.   You may view account activity, transfer funds between your FNB accounts, pay a bill, pay a friend and make Mobile Deposits.   iPhone users can download the latest version from the iTunes App Store. Android phone users will find our app in Google Play. In either store search "First Anywhere" and look for our familiar 1st  logo as seen here

 We've provided links so that you may connect to your app store and download the latest version of the First Anywhere app for your mobile device.  Choose the appropriate link below, based on whether your device is an Apple (iPhone or iPad) or an Android (Google Play for Android). 

Apple App Store link to First Anywhere

Google Play Store link to First  Anywhere

First Anywhere app users should also be enrolled in our FirstNetTeller online banking service in order to use the app.

You may use your phone to scan this QR code below and find the First Anywhere app in your app store.



Mobile Check Deposit 

Our Mobile Check Deposit service can also be made available on your smartphone.  Once you have downloaded the FirstMobile app to your smartphone and have logged in on the app, you can then request Mobile Check Deposit by simply clicking the field: "Deposit Check".  You should then receive a notification on your phone that you have submitted a request for Mobile Check Deposit.  (Mobile Check Deposit is subject to bank review and approval.)  There is no fee to add or use the Mobile Check Deposit service.  

Call our Online Banking Department at 870-215-4000 during banking hours should any questions arise. 

FNB Text Banking 

  1. Log-in to FirstNetTeller (online banking) system using your user ID and password.
  2. Select the “Options” tab.
  3. Under the Options tab check on the words “Mobile Settings” then select “Text Mobile Settings
  4. Once inside the Mobile setting tab “Check” the box marked “Enable text access for your mobile device”.
  5. Enter the phone number of the mobile device you will be using.
  6. Select your wireless provider from the list box provided.
  7. “Check” the accounts you desire to access through FirstMobile.
  8. You will receive a text message to your mobile device from FirstMobile saying “Thank You” and telling you the basic instructions and commands to use for text banking. The access number for our Text banking is 89549. Basic commands are BAL for your current account balance and HIST for recent transaction history.