Instant Issue Debit Cards 

Young woman holding a Debit Mastercard from First National BankOne of the ways we put you first is by issuing your Debit Mastercard
instantly at our branches. When you open a checking account at FNB, have peace of mind knowing you can use your new debit card the same day - No waiting for a card to arrive by mail. You may also personalize your card with various debit card designs (5mb PDF), including your favorite local teams. Use your Debit Mastercard  nationwide at retail locations and ATMs accepting Mastercard.  

Your card is FREE with any FNB Checking account and there are no FNB transaction fees when you use the card for retail purchases. Also, there is NO FEE for cash withdrawals at ATMs operated by FNB. 

Mobile Wallet is also available for your Debit Mastercard if you wish to make purchases using only your phone.

The Debit card ATM withdrawal limit is $500 per day.  There is a $1 per transaction fee for cash withdrawals from ATMs not owned by First National Bank of Paragould, Arkansas. There may also be a transaction fee assessed by the owner of the ATM. Bring your receipts from these ATMs by one of our FNB locations, and we will refund your transaction fees up to $25 per month.

Merchant Payment Services 

If you own or operate a business, it pays to accept credit and debit cards. Most of your customers will appreciate the convenience that debit and credit cards provide. The average purchase tends to be higher when your customer pays with their debit/credit card, rather than with cash or checks, thus increasing your sales. Our merchant credit/debit card vendor can provide equipment and services for debit/credit card payment for most any operating environment. You will also receive competitive rates and pricing on equipment. 

For more information on Merchant Card Payment Services contact us or call 870-215-4000. Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information about how you can accept cards as payment in your business. 

Credit Cards 

Low rates, local service, and worldwide access are advantages that a credit card from First National Bank has over out-of-state credit card companies. Many credit cards may offer you a low "introductory" rate then raise your rate after a few months. But FNB offers you a consistently low rate MasterCard along with the many advantages of local bank service. Local service means that you make your payments right here at FNB. Local service also means you can speak to your FNB loan officer when you need to increase your credit line. 

You can shop locally or travel the world with your MasterCard issued from First National Bank. Call today and speak with one of our loan officers for complete details about a credit card from First National Bank.

Cash Advance

We offer Cash Advance service inside the lobby at our branch offices. To conduct a cash advance, please present your Mastercard or Visa credit card at a teller window along with your personal identification. Cash advance service is subject to the procedures that are in place by the bank and the card issuers.   

Some credit cards may also be able to get cash at our ATMs. This ATM access is dependent on how the issuer of your card has prepared your card account.