Under the Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) evaluates our record of helping to meet the credit needs of this community consistent with safe and sound operations. The OCC also takes this record into account when deciding certain applications submitted by us.

Your involvement is encouraged.

You are entitled to certain information about our operations and our performance under the CRA, including, for example, information about our branches, such as their location services provided at them; the public section of our most recent CRA Performance Evaluation, prepared by the OCC; and comments received from the public relating to our performance in helping to meet the community credit needs, as well as our responses to those comments. You may review this information today.

All required public information from CRA & HMDA are available below:

HMDA Public Mortgage Disclosure Act Notice

2019 CRA Disclosure Statement

2020 CRA Disclosure Statement

2021 CRA Disclosure Statement

2022 CRA Disclosure Statement

CRA Performance Evaluation

Loan to Deposit Ratio

CRA Map Assessment

2019 CRA Branch Information

2020 CRA Branch Information

2021 CRA Branch Information

2022 CRA Branch Information

2023 CRA Branch Information

2024 CRA Branch Information

Customers are available to speak directly to our Community Reinvestment Act Officer by utilizing the contact information below:

Andrea Dickey

Vice President of Compliance, CRA, and UDAAP

Direct Phone: (870) 215-4084

E-Mail: andrea.dickey@fnbank.net

Paper copies of this information at First National Bank facilities upon request.