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A few more services are listed below.  With over 100 pages to this site, it's possible that you've not seen the banking service you seek.  Please call us at 870-215-4000.  We're here for you.

Direct Deposit

An elderly couple smiling at each other.Save time and money with Direct Deposit. You'll never have to rush to the bank with your paycheck once you establish Direct Deposit. It's easy and free!  Most employers now offer direct deposit and many government payment programs are requiring it. If you receive benefit payments from a U.S. government program then see one of our Customer Service Representatives. If you are employed, you can sign-up at your company payroll office. If your employer does not provide this time saving benefit, then FNB can help. Ask your payroll manager to contact us about establishing a Direct Deposit program

Safe Deposit Boxes

Many people enjoy the peace of mind of a Safe Deposit Box. When you choose to store your important documents inside a rented Safe Deposit Box it will be inside a vault at one of our branches. Access is available during banking hours. Various sizes of boxes are available for an annual rental fee. More terms will be provided when you come in to inquire or apply for a safe deposit box. Not all FNB branches offer safe deposit boxes. Contact a First National Bank office near you for the specific cost and availability of our Safe Deposit Boxes.

Miscellaneous Services & Fees

As of August 31, 2021

ATM transaction fee for a FNB Debit cardholder at a FNB ATM: No Fee

ATM transaction fee for a FNB cardholder at a non-FNB ATM: $1

ATM transaction fee for a non-FNB cardholder at a FNB ATM: $2 or 2% (whichever is less)

Cashiers Check: $5 each

Check Chargeback fee (for an item previously deposited): $1 per item

Tax Refund Check Cashing fee: $40 (this fee is waived for FNB customers)

Check Cashing fee for non-FNB customers: $5 per check

Collection Items (Incoming/Outgoing): $10 per item

Do Not Mail Statement fee: $5 per month

Dormant Account Fee: $2 per month (Accounts that are inactive for 12 consecutive months are considered dormant)

ATM/Debit card fee: No fee at initial issue and no fee at regular re-issue at expiration, no monthly fee

ATM/Debit card replacement fee: $5 per card

Insufficient Funds Overdraft Item Fee (NSF Fee): $29.00 per item

Insufficient Funds Return Item Fee (NSF Fee): $29.00 per item

Money order: $3 each

Notary Public Service: $5 per item (this fee is waived for FNB customers)

Paper Statement Fee: $3 per month for certain accounts. Ask a Customer Service Representative for details or refer to the disclosures received at account opening.

Personalized Printed Checks: Prices vary by style - please contact the bank for details and prices

Research fees: (two research fee categories see below)

Research time: $25 per hour (one hour minimum)

Copies of research items: 25¢ per item

Stop Payment Request: $2 each

NSF Stop Payment Request: $29 each

Special Request Statement: $5

Special Request Statement with check images: $20 each

Statement balancing fee: $25 per hour (one hour minimum)

Tax Levy or Garnishment: $25 each

Wire Transfer Fee: $15 each per outgoing wire transfer.