A woman using her laptop at a coffee shop.If you have already enrolled in Online Banking and were using it, but now you don't recall your password or somehow you are locked-out, then you may be able to RESET your password now. Here's how!  You will need to know your last valid User ID and email address
  • First, click the Login button (above) and a window will appear where you should enter your User ID then click Login. This will open a new FirstNetTeller LOGIN page. 
  • If the security photo (which you had previously selected) is correct, then under the box where you would normally enter your password click the link "FORGOT PASSWORD". 
  • Next, another page will open entitled "Password Page Self Reset" where you will again enter: your NetTeller User ID, your Email address, and also an Email Subject Line (of your choice). Then click "CONTINUE" and follow the instructions in the email to follow to complete this online process. 

If you do not know your last User ID and email address, then you may call us at 870-215-4000 during business hours for assistance.

We appreciate your business!  

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If you have not yet enrolled then we invite you to learn more about Online Banking.