Switching to FNB

Every year more people are making the switch to First National Bank. Customers who’ve made the switch enjoy many benefits including improved convenience, friendly service, and lower fees. If you are hesitant about the process of switching to FNB, we are here to make the process as seamless as possible. Let us help! 

A man and woman shaking hands with their banker.Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are eager to guide you through the process of switching to First National Bank. The first step begins when you open a new account with FNB.

Once established, your direct depositors and automatic payees should each be properly authorized to initiate direct deposits and/or automatic payments to and from your account(s). Our CSRs are willing to help you telephone the Social Security Administration or other U.S. government agency that will work with us. While you are at the bank and in our presence, we can telephone the paying agency to request them to initiate the process of switching your direct deposit to your new FNB account. If your direct deposit is from your employer, a pension, or a private company we can also assist you in completing the specific form your company may require

Automatic payments for recurring payments such as utility bills, insurance premiums, or other monthly expenses are also very popular. Should you want to establish or switch an automatic payment to your new account, we can assist you in this process. FNB offers a SWITCH KIT that you may use in the event your depositor or payee does not require a specific form. 

Click to view and/or print a SWITCH KIT 128 kb PDF form. 

Whether you use the agency required forms or the switch kit form provided above, we are ready and willing to assist you in completing the required documentation. Just gather all the information required by your company and stop by at your convenience. We have CSRs at each of our 23 locations, eager to put You 1st during your transition to FNB. Switching banks doesn’t have to a hassle when you have the right bank. We’re here to help!