A girl paying for a transaction using her debit/credit card.Low rates. Local service. Worldwide access.  These are a few advantages a MasterCard credit card from First National Bank has over an out-of-state credit card company. Many credit cards employ a "bait and switch" tactic to lure you with a low "introductory" rate then raise your rate after a few months. But the trusted lenders FNB offer you a consistently competitive rate and personal service with bankers you may speak with in person at a local branch. 

Another FNB advantage is that you can make your payments at the branch, online or by mail. Local service also means you can speak to your FNB loan officer should you need to increase your credit line. 

You can shop locally and travel the world with your MasterCard issued from First National Bank. Call 870-215-4000 today and speak with one of our loan officers to learn more about the local service, low interest rate, MasterCard with worldwide access.

If you already have a Credit MasterCard  with FNB and you want to manage your account online then go to the following site: