Listening to you

"You first" means we begin by listening to your individual situation.  

Several business people in a discussion.

Perhaps you are shopping for a vehicle or have another personal need. Call a lender at 870-215-4000 or come in to one of our branchesYou may also complete a Jumpstart application to set-up a meeting with a lender at a branch near you

If you're shopping for a vehicle then consider a bank loan instead of dealer financing. In the excitement of a purchase, the high-pressure of a dealership may lead one to overlook the fine-print of the financing. At FNB you'll get a competitive interest rate, plus, if cash purchase rebates are available, then you can reap that benefit!   

Use this calculator to estimate a monthly payment for your new car, used car, boat or any general loan.  

Other Lending Services 

  • MasterCard credit card
  • Vacations
  • Educational expenses

Let us help with your future plans. To request a meeting with a loan officer at one of our branches please complete our Jumpstart application