A simple piggy bank is an important first-step in your child’s financial education. Image of a young boy holding a piggy bank.Teaching children to save can help them get ahead in life!   FNB has designed the Young Savers Account as a next-step to encourage young families to teach their children to start saving now for a bright future in the years ahead. With as little as $10, a parent (or legal guardian) may bring their child (ages 12 and under) into an FNB branch to open a Young Savers Account.  As our special offer, FNB will match up to $10 of your opening deposit into the Young Savers Account.
Most big things begin very small; just like a child.  The key to growing a savings account is feeding it consistently.  After your child’s Young Savers account has been started, please encourage him or her to continue saving routinely. Here are some tips for young savers:
  •  Schedule your savings: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  •  Set-aside and deposit a certain part of the money you receive from: your allowance, your earnings from chores or a job, and from gifts you may receive.
  • Goals can help young people (and everyone) to save.
    Set a short-term goal for something achievable that you want or need.
    Long term savings may also involve a goal farther in the future.
The Young Savers account is a great way to begin saving and it earns the same Interest Rate / *APY as we pay on our Regular Savings Account here at FNB.  Please go to our Rates page to learn that *Annual Percentage Yield
The American Bankers Association also has  information for young people and their parents to learn more about managing money.  Here are two links from the ABA:

As our gift to new "Young Savers" each one will receive a mini piggy bank (as seen below) FREE upon opening an account.Image of a small piggy bank that a child might use.  The bank has coins inside it.

A Young Savers Account is another way FNB is putting you first!  Call, click or come-in and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives about this or your other financial goals.