Text Message Scam Information

First National Bank has been informed of a text message scam where individuals are receiving text messages claiming to be sent on behalf of First National Bank. The texts have a link that requests the customers' online banking login information. These texts are not from First National Bank and are an attempt to compromise your personal information. A sample of this text message is below but is not the only version of texts being sent:

Please know, First National Bank or any other financial institution will NEVER call, text, or e-mail you asking for your login or personal information unless you have requested a password reset link or other forms of customer-initiated interactions. Customers should report texts, calls, and e-mails like this as spam and never provide any personal information.

If you have doubts of the legitimacy of any communication, the best practice is call or live chat the bank through known phone numbers and secure online banking platforms.

Any customers who may have provided personal information to a scam attempt, should contact their financial institution. First National Bank customers can reach us by calling (870) 215-4000 or using our live chat feature through our Anywhere Digital Banking suite. If you ignored the messages sent to you, there is no further action required on your part.