First National Bank helps kick off Arkansas Financial Education & Awareness Month at the State Capitol

Little Rock, AR (4/6/2022) - First National Bank employees joined state legislators as they kicked off Arkansas Financial Education & Awareness Month at the State Capitol. 

Jonesboro Market President Mitch Hovis spoke on the importance of educating Arkansas’ unbanked and underbanked populations on financial literacy and noted it will take a collaborative effort to initiate change.

During the press conference, State Treasurer Dennis Milligan also introduced members of the Arkansas Financial Education Commission, as well as their partnership with the Central Arkansas Library System. According to Milligan, Arkansas' unbanked and underbanked population ranks among the highest in the nation. 

Through the Arkansas Financial Education Commission and the Central Arkansas Library System, Arkansans will have access to a series of free financial education webinars geared toward educating the public on basic financial mattes.

The first webinar, which takes place April 12, will cover budgeting and planning. You can register for those webinars here: