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Card Services

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Start using your checking account the same day you open your account.  We issue debit cards INSTANTLY when you open your new checking account.  You may select from over 80 different card designs and your card can be issued with your personal photo in the top left corner for added security and peace of mind.   Your debit card will be accepted at thousands of retail locations and ATMs nationwide.   There is NO FEE to issue a debit card and there is no FNB transaction fee when you use the card for retail purchases.  Also there is NO FEE for cash withdrawals when our customers use one of the ATMs operated by First National Bank.   Open an account and begin using your debit card TODAY!

Your FNB DEBIT CARD will make everyday purchases quick and easy. It's welcomed at  million retail locations worldwide. Instead of writing a check, simply present your debit card to the merchant. The funds are automatically withdrawn from your checking account and you will have a detailed description of the purchase on your bank statement. This card is available free with any FNB checking account.

You may also use your Debit Card at any of our 9 ATM's in Northeast Arkansas at no charge. Your card will also access cash at thousand of ATM's worldwide that are part of the network systems. There is a $1 per transaction fee if the ATM is not owned by First National Bank of Paragould, AR. There may also be a transaction fee assessed by the owner of the ATM.

Merchant Payment Services

It pays to accept credit and debit cards.  If you own or operate a business then you should consider accepting payment from your clients through the debit/credit card system.  Your customers appreciate the convenience that cards offer them. The average purchase tends to be higher when they pay with their bank card than with cash or checks, thus increasing your sales. We provide state-of-the-art payment solutions for every operating environment. You will also receive competitive rates and pricing on equipment. For more information or to get started contact us.

Credit Cards

Low rates, local service with worldwide access are advantages that a credit card from First National Bank has over an out-of-state credit card company. Many credit cards may offer you a low "introductory" rate then raise your rate after a few months. But FNB offers your a consistently low rate Mastercard. At FNB you also have the many advantages of local bank service. Local service means that you make your payments right here at FNB. Local service also means you can speak to your FNB loan officer when you need to increase your credit line.

You can shop locally or travel the world and with your Mastercard  issued from First National Bank. Call today and speak with one of our loan officers for complete details about the local credit card with worldwide access


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