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FirstNet Teller Internet Banking

Q: What can I do with FirstNet Teller Internet Banking? More Info
A: You can view current account information, view and print current and previous months account statements, view images of your paid checks, transfer funds between your accounts, pay FNB loans, enter stop payments and re-order personalized printed checks.
Q: What safeguards are in place to protect my accounts? More Info
A: We are always updating our FirstNet Teller site with the latest most secure technology. In addition, each time you log in you must use a personal password to verify your identity. You must change your password every 90 days. Please keep your password confidential. You may change your personal password at any time. Call or e-mail us if you have specific security concerns.
Q: What happens if I forget my password? More Info
A: You are allowed three password attempts. On the third attempt, if invalid, you will be locked out of the system. To reset your password, call First National Bank at 1-870-239-8521 and ask for our Internet Banking Customer Service department.


FirstNet Teller Bill Pay

Q Whom can I pay with Bill Pay? More Info
A You can pay ANYONE in the United States from the next door neighbor, the utility company, the bank, and even a child in college across the country. However, you cannot make government or court ordered payments through Bill Pay.
Q What information is required in order for me to make a payment? More Info
A The name of the payee, the payees mailing address, and your account number with the payee (not your bank account number).
Q What if I do not have enough money in my account? More Info
A Bill Payment items will be treated like any other check that you write. Should the item be returned, a hold may be placed on your bill payment service.  A normal Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF Fee) will apply, as stated on the fee schedule you received at the time your account was opened.
Q What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or a holiday? More Info
A Scheduled payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on the next business day. Holiday processing is done the next business day after the holiday.
Q How far in advance should I set up a payment to insure it is paid on time? More Info
A Check payments should be scheduled 10 business days in advance of payment due date. Electronic payments should be made 4 business days prior to the payment's due date. *NOTE - You may want to set up a payment to yourself so you can see how the system works.
Q How late in the day can I enter a payment? More Info
A You may add payments until 12:00 noon. Any payments entered after 12:00 noon will be processed on the next business day.
Q Can I get a copy of a cancelled check? More Info
A Cancelled checks will appear in your account statement, just like a check written from your checkbook. Once the check clears the bank, you may also view the check from your FirstNetteller transaction history by clicking on the check number. For electronic payments, the details will appear on your statement along with other automatic drafts.
Q What happens if I lose or forget my ID or PIN? More Info
A If you lose/forget your ID, you may call Customer Service at 1-870-239-8521, and with proper verification, your ID will be given to you.
Q Are there any minimum or maximum payment amounts? More Info
A Yes. The minimum amount you may make a payment for is $0.01. There is no maximum amount of payment other than the amount of available balance in your checking account. Check amounts in excess of your balance may cause an insufficient funds fee.
Q Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day? More Info
A You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items on the same day.
Q Can I stop a payment? More Info
A Yes. You will need to call Customer Service at 1-870-239-8521. A stop payment fee will apply. Alternatively, you may enter stop payments through your FirstNetteller service.
Q How many payees may I have? More Info
A You may have up to 99 payees that you can set up through the Bill Pay service.
Q Can I edit payee addresses? More Info
A No. You will have to set up a new payee with the correct address and delete the old one. To preserve the payment history, you can leave the old payee active.


You may apply in person at any FNB office or use the links here to apply online or contact us for more information.

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