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Internet Banking

It's Convenient, Safe and FREE!

Does your busy schedule sometimes make it difficult to get to the bank? Now you can do your banking anytime - 24 hours a day - seven days a week with FirstNet Teller Internet Banking. Plus, you can do your banking anywhere - at home, at work, or wherever you have internet access. Upon log-in, FirstNet Teller will display a summary of your accounts, loans and other banking services. From the summary page, you may perform many banking functions including:

The Internet Banking features of FirstNet Teller described above are absolutely FREE. Apply online or in person at any FNB office or contact us for more information.

Bill Pay

Do you find paying your bills to be a chore? Then try our optional Bill Pay service available through FirstNet Teller. Bill Pay takes the hassle out of the bill paying and makes the process quick, easy and organized. There are no checks to write, no envelopes to address, no postage stamps, and no trips to the mail box or post office.

Our FirstNet Teller Bill Pay service lets you pay most anyone in the U.S. from the comfort and security of your personal computer. You are in complete control of when your bills are paid. Once you have set up the basic information about your vendors, paying your monthly bills requires only a few “clicks and keystrokes”. You simply go online and enter: who, when and how much to pay. Your payment will be made directly to your vendor. Your payments are debited from your checking account on the day you specify. Our Bill Pay service handles all the paperwork. Plus you will have online access an organized record of all your payments made through the Bill Pay online system.

FirstNet Teller Bill Pay service allows you to:

There is no monthly fee for the optional Bill Pay service and the first 25 payments per month are FREE! Any bill payments above the first 25 cost only 50¢ each. That's less than the combined cost of checks, stamps and envelopes. Apply online or in person at any FNB office or contact us for more information.

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